HYSPLIT Extended Tutorial Topics

Last Revised
30 October 2017



The various HYSPLIT applications that are reviewed here require more complicated configurations than those presented in the basic topics tutorial. Many of these simulations require command line options, programs, and scripts not yet available through the GUI. Sample batch files and scripts are provided for all examples and should be run from the work directory. The entire Extended Tutorial, including the meteorology and working directory, can be downloaded here as a zip file. Viewing the page text only makes sense during a simultaneous review of the associated scripts. The following sections can be accessed in any order unless otherwise noted. The tutorial requires HYSPLIT revision 912 or greater.

  1. Radionuclide applications
    1. Time varying emissions and dose
    2. Time varying emissions post-simulation
    3. Creating a transfer coefficient matrix
    4. Updating a transfer coefficient matrix
    5. Using a TCM to compute the emissions
    6. Dose from multiple species, constant emission rate
    7. Dose from multiple species, time-varying emission rate
    8. Simulate Smoky nuclear test

  2. Source and Mixing Adjustments
    1. Buoyant plume rise from fires
    2. CAPE enhanced vertical mixing
    3. Resuspension of deposited material
    4. Finer scale terrain and land-use
    5. Converting SO2 to SO4
    6. Wet deposition options
    7. Simulating the dispersion of Foot and Mouth

  3. Additional resources
    1. Chemical releases
    2. On-Line TCM for Fukushima
    3. Simulation configuration issues