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HYSPLIT Tutorials

The Basic HYSPLIT tutorial can be used to familiarize yourself with the installation of HYSPLIT, particularly on a Windows computer (Mac and Linux are similar and can run the same GUIs), how to run the model through the included series of menus (GUIs), and how to interpret the results of a simulation. The Extended tutorial is meant to be a guide to running more complex applications on a Windows or LINUX computer through a series of batch files. You will need to install the Windows version of the model prior to running any of the examples.


HYSPLIT Tutorials

  • Basic Tutorial (2017) - new users should review this material to understand the model before requesting help from the developers. The tutorial has been written with options available in Version 854 of the model.
  • Extended Tutorial (2017) - advanced users will benefit from reviewing this tutorial to understand how to configure the model for more complex simulations. You will need to download the zip file from the main page in order to run these simulations on your computer. The tutorial has been written with options available in Version 912 of the model.

Download Unregistered version of HYSPLIT and Tutorial used in the 2017 HYSPLIT Workshop

  • Download Zip file (2.3 Gb) - This download contains the unregistered version of HYSPLIT and the tutorial used in the 2017 HYSPLIT Workshop.
Modified: October 31, 2017
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