HYSPLIT Tutorial

May 2022 (Version 5.2.1)

HYSPLIT Installation Overview

To install the tutorial materials, you will first need to download 1) the HYSPLIT Tutorial zip file that contains all the tutorial documents and 2) the PC or Mac trial version 5.2.1 of HYSPLIT used to create this tutorial:

The training materials contained in this zip file include instructions on how to install the model on a PC or Mac. It is recommended that the zip file be unzipped to the C:\ drive. This will create a folder called Tutorial (C:\Tutorial). Note, you may need to have Administrative privileges to install the tutorial and HYSPLIT on the C: drive.

After extracting all the files from the zip file, open the index.html file. Instructions for installing the model are found in the first or second sections titled, "1.1 Windows PC HYSPLIT Install" or "1.2 Apple MAC OSX HYSPLIT install," for PC and MAC, respectively. The installation is self-explanatory and links to each file needed are provided.

Note that Tcl/Tk, and the other optional programs such as ImageMagick, and Google Earth should be installed PRIOR to installing HYSPLIT. Links to the download sites are provided in the tutorial and from: