Trajectory / Help

The trajectory menu tab is composed of five main sections: setting up the simulation, executing the model, displaying the trajectory, converting the graphic to other formats, and running special simulations. The model is configured and executed through the menu and results displayed. However for experienced users, each component could be run independently from the command line and the CONTROL file could be created using any text editor.

In the Trajectory Setup menu the entire purpose of the GUI is to configure the model's input CONTROL file. This is a text file that configures the simulation parameters. Once the input parameters are set to their desired value, the model is executed from the Run Model menu tab. When complete, the output window is closed and the Trajectory Display menu is used to draw and display the trajectory from the endpoints output file. The Special Runs menu is used to configure several different customized simultaneous multiple trajectory simulations.

For inexperienced users, a review of the Quick Start Help is highly suggested, which goes through the trajectory computation step-by-step using the example meteorological data file.

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