Trajectory / Setup Run / Control File Format

The trajectory model input control file can be created using any text editor. However if the GUI is not being used, it would be easier to let the model create the initial file based upon standard output prompts. These are described in more detail below. When data entry is through the keyboard (a file named CONTROL is not found), a STARTUP file is created. This contains a copy of the input, and which later may be renamed to CONTROL to permit direct editing and model execution without data entry. If you are unsure as to a value required in an input field, just enter the forward slash (/) character, and the indicated default value will be used. This default procedure is valid for all input fields except directory and file names. An automatic default selection procedure is also available for certain input fields of the CONTROL file when they are set to zero. Those options are discussed in more detail below. Each input line is numbered (only in this text) according to the order it appears in the file. A number in parenthesis after the line number indicates that there is an input loop and multiple entry lines may be required depending upon the value of the previous entry.

1- Enter starting time (year, month, day, hour, {minutes optional})

2- Enter number of starting locations

3(1)- Enter starting location (lat, lon, meters)

4- Enter total run time (hours)

5- Vertical motion option (0:data 1:isob 2:isen 3:dens 4:sigma 5:diverg 6:msl2agl 7:average 9: fix-up&down 10: fix-down)

6- Top of model domain (internal coordinates m-agl)

7- Number of input data grids

8(1)- Meteorological data grid # 1 directory

9(2)- Meteorological data grid # 1 file name

10- Directory of trajectory output file

11- Name of the trajectory endpoints file

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