Advanced / Configuration Setup

This section provides some guidance in configuring the model input to perform certain specialized calculations. The default configuration supplied with the test meteorological data is confined to a simple trajectory and inert transport and dispersion calculation. More complex scenarios can be configured through the Advanced / Configuration Setup menu tabs. There are seven sub menus available.

  1. The Trajectory tab opens a menu creation or modification of the SETUP.CFG namelist file. This can be accomplished through the GUI or by directly editing the namelist file. The file is required to be in the model startup directory, usually ./working when running the model through the GUI. More information about the trajectory namelist variables can be found in the trajectories help file.

  2. The Concentration tab opens a similar menu to the trajectory tab, but with many more options. The trajectory and concentration menus are confined to the variables relevant to the respective model calculation. More information about the concentration namelist variables can be found in the concentration help file.

  3. The Global tab opens a menu to create or edit a special namelist file that configures the Global Eulerian Model (GEM), a series of subroutines within the main HYSPLIT transport and dispersion code. Particles or puffs are always first released in the Lagrangian framework and carried within HYSPLIT until they exceed a certain age at which point their mass is transferred to the GEM routines. Particles can be released and transferred for the entire duration of the simulation.

  4. The Dynamic Sampling menu is used to configure a special virtual sampler that can move in space and time through the computational domain during the concentration simulation. Dynamic samplers can move passively with the wind or have a define pathway, similar to an airplane.

  5. The Emissions File opens a menu to edit or create a point-source emission file that can define more complex release scenarios than could be created using just the CONTROL file. Simple scenarios like time-varying emissions to more complex moving line or point sources cab be configured.

  6. The Set Directories menu is used to configure the GUI's directory structure as well as the location and name of certain executable programs used by the GUI. The structure is written to the default_exec file. If that file is not found in the startup directory, the GUI attempts to set all the values. Significant differences are found between Windows, Apple, and UNIX installations.

  7. The Extra Labeling menu opens a simple editor menu to create a file of extra label information that is added to the bottom of all trajectory or concentration plots. Only these two display programs support the extra label function.

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