Concentration / Setup Run / Grid Definition

This section is used to define the grid system to which the concentrations are summed during the integration and subsequently for post-processing and display of the model's output. There are 10 entries in the CONTROL file for each concentration grid that has been defined. The lines 16(1) through 25(10) correspond with each of the menu items shown in the illustration below.

Dispersion calculations are performed on the computational (meteorological) grid without regard to the definition or location of any concentration grid. Therefore it is possible to complete a simulation and have no results to view if the concentration grid was in the wrong location. In addition, very small concentration grid spacing will reduce the model's integration time step and may result is substantially longer simulation clock times.

15- Number of simultaneous concentration grids

16(1)- Center Latitude, Longitude (degrees)

17(2)- Grid spacing (degrees) Latitude, Longitude

18(3)- Grid span (deg) Latitude, Longitude

19(4)- Enter grid # 1 directory

20(5)- Enter grid # 1 file name

21(6)- Number of vertical concentration levels

22(7)- Height of each level (m)

23(8)- Sampling start time: year month day hour minute

24(9)- Sampling stop time: year month day hour minute

25(10)- Sampling interval: type hour minute

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