Concentration / Setup Run / Pollutant Definition

There are four CONTROL file entries, lines 11(1) through 14(4), that correspond with each line of the pollutant menu shown in the illustration below.

10- Number of different pollutants

11(1)- Pollutant four Character Identification

12(2)- Emission rate (per hour)

13(3)- Hours of emission

14(4)- Release start time: year month day hour minute

Temporal or Area Emission Variations

This menu is only designed to input point source emission rates. Unless additional input values are provided in the control file after each emission location, the same rate will apply to all defined point sources for the duration of the emission. When more complex emission scenarios are required, emission data can be read in from a file that defines a diurnal emission cycle for any number of pollutants at any number of locations. If the emission rate is to vary in time beyond one diurnal cycle, there is another input file that can be defined to set a new rate with each emission cycle. In this latter scenario the rate as well as the location may be changed.

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