Concentration / Help

The concentration menu tab is composed of six main sections: setting up the simulation, executing the model, displaying the concentrations, various utility programs for converting the output to other formats, configuring special simulations, and simulations in a multi-processor environment. The model can be entirely configured and executed through the menu. However for experienced users, each component may be run independently from the command line.

In the Concentration Setup menu, the entire purpose of the GUI is to configure the model's input CONTROL file. This is a text file that configures the simulation parameters. Once the input parameters are set to their desired value, the model is executed from the Run Standard Model menu tab. When complete, the output window is closed and Display Options menu is used to draw and display the concentration contours from the model's binary concentration output file. The Special Simulations menu is used to configure several different customized simultaneous for ensemble applications, source-receptor matrices, and some simple chemistry simulations. The Multi-processor tab invokes some of the same special simulations but will only run under a multi-processor- computing environment. Normally this is not an option available under MS Windows.

For inexperienced users, a review of the Quick Start Help menu is highly suggested, which goes through a concentration computation step-by-step using the example meteorological data file.

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