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HYSPLIT for Apple Mac - Trial Version Download

For details on the currently available version see HYSPLIT Updates.

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What is available for downloading

An Apple Mac (tested with macOS 10.14, 10.15, and Big Sur) executable version of HYSPLIT is available in both a trial (unregistered) and registered version. The package contains all the documentation and test data. However, the Tcl/Tk software to run the graphical interface must be independently downloaded and should be installed prior to installing HYSPLIT. A version that has been tested with HYSPLIT is available here for convenience. More recent versions, including registration information, can be obtained from the main site listed below.

The graphical user interface - Tcl/Tk

Although not required to run HYSPLIT, a GUI composed of multiple Tcl/Tk scripts are provided with HYSPLIT. The model can also be run using a command line interface. However, it is easier for novice users to use the Tcl/Tk interface. The standard HYSPLIT installation includes all the GUI scripts, but the Tcl/Tk interpreter is not part of the distribution. Most Unix / Linux operating system distributions, as well as macOS, include Tcl/Tk. If not already installed, you can download Tcl/Tk from the Tcl/Tk web site. Install the software to the suggested default directory prior to installing HYSPLIT.

Download the HYSPLIT Installation Package

Download and open the installation package (HYSPLIT_mac.dmg) and click on the install icon. This version was compiled under macOS 10.14 using the INTEL FORTRAN compiler.

Getting Started using the Tcl/Tk Graphical User Interface

If Tcl/Tk has been installed, then the model GUI can be started from the ./hysplit/working directory by running ./hysplit.tcl from the terminal window. When the GUI starts for the first time it will automatically create several files with names starting with default_{} which contain various default parameters. If the startup fails it may be necessary to edit the directory location file (default_exec) for elements such as the location of the X11 "xterm" command. These directories can be changed from the "advanced/configuration/directories" menu tab. X11 is not required and the model GUI can be started from the regular terminal display if the X11 directory entry remains blank.

Getting Started from the Terminal Window

If Tcl/Tk has not been installed, then the model can be run from the terminal window from the ./hysplit/working directory. Prior to the models first time use it may be necessary to copy ../bdyfiles/ASCDATA.CFG to the ./working directory.

Command line trajectory example:

  • cp sample_traj CONTROL
  • ../exec/hyts_std
  • ../exec/trajplot tdump
  • open

Command line concentration example:

  • cp sample_conc CONTROL
  • ../exec/hycs_std
  • ../exec/concplot cdump
  • open


Many of the following programs have links that can be accessed through the HYSPLIT GUI. Copies of these are provided independently here to download for convenience. More recent versions, including registration information, can be obtained from each of the sites listed below.

Installing ImageMagick Graphics File Converter

A recent feature added to the GUI is the ability to convert the Postscript graphics output file to other graphical formats. This capability is enabled through the installation of ImageMagick, which normally requires the prior installation of Ghostscript. However, on Apple systems Ghostscript is not required and therefore when using Preview, export the file to any non-Adobe format, which then can be converted to any other format using ImageMagick. After installation, it may be necessary to edit the location of the Imagemagick "convert" command. Directories can be changed from the "advanced/configuration/directories" menu tab".

Modified: January 24, 2022
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