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HYSPLIT for Windows - Public (unregistered) Version Download

For details on the currently available version see HYSPLIT Updates.

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What is available for downloading

The contents of this public unregistered version include various HYSPLIT executables, sample source code, and scripts. The unregistered version is identical to the registered version in all respects, except that the dispersion calculation will not work with forecast meteorological data fields.

Both the public and registered versions require several supplemental programs for full functionality of the GUI. These graphical utility programs include Tcl/Tk and ImageMagick. More information and detailed instructions on these supplemental programs can be found at - HYSPLIT_util.php. These MUST be downloaded and installed prior to installing either version of HYSPLIT.

The installation program will copy all required files and create program startup and desktop shortcuts. When prompted, it is suggested that the code be installed to the default installation directory such as [drive]:\hysplit. Simple names are suggested. Names with spaces may not be properly handled by the GUI and some of the older command-line based utility programs.

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Modified: January 24, 2022
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