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READY logoHYSPLIT - Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory Model

The HYSPLIT model can be run interactively on the READY web site or installed on a PC (Mac) and run using a graphical user interface (GUI).

NOTICE: 04/29/2014 - Recently, you may have heard about a new internet security weakness, known as Heartbleed, which is impacting some websites. There is no indication that Heartbleed has been used against or that any personal information has ever been at risk. However, we are asking users to change their current HYSPLIT password out of an abundance of caution to ensure the protection of your information.

You can change your password at:

HYSPLIT-WEB (Internet-based)

PC Windows-based HYSPLIT

HYSPLIT-compatible Meteorological Data

Apple-based HYSPLIT

Email Version


User Contributions


On-Line Training

Modified: April 30, 2014
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