Advanced / Configuration Setup / Emission Cycling and Point Source File

Emission Cycling

QCYCLE (0.0) are the number of hours between emission start cycles. A zero value means that the emissions are not cycled. When non-zero, the number of emission hours is repeated again at QCYCLE hours after the starting emission time specified in the input CONTROL file. The NUMPAR parameter set in the release number limits menu is defined as the number of particles released over the emission duration per cycle unless its value is less than zero, in that case it defines the hourly particle number release rate directly as |NUMPAR|. The QCYCLE parameter is also used in conjunction with namelist option ICHEM=10 to that the concentrations from each release cycle are saved in their own concentration array.

Optional Point-Source Emission File

EFILE (undefined) is the file name that contains point-source temporal emission factors, where each record contains the {year month day hour duration latitude longitude emission-rate} for each emission period. Multiple emission periods can be defined. The values in this file replace the values set in the CONTROL file. The emission file can be created from the Advanced Menu tab. The format of this file is more complex than the one used to multiply time-varying unit-source dispersion factors created by the ICHEM=10 option described above.

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