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A utility tab is provided in the meteorology, trajectory, and concentration menu's that will convert the Scalable Vector Graphic to another format. The menu shows the name of the last HTML file that was created. If that is not the file desired, it should be replaced with the appropriate file name. All output files are assumed to reside in the working directory and therefore a file from any menu can be converted from any of the conversion menu tabs. The file suffix represents the conversion format. The slider bar determines the size of the output graphic in pixels per inch. The default value of 70 will produce an output frame of comparable size to the input graphic. The checkboxes permit the creation of a multiframe animation in one file or multiple output files if the "Frames" option has been checked. The "Crop" option eliminates the white space around the graphic. However, the crop option may produce inconsistent results when used in conjunction with the animation feature.

The conversion process uses the svgsplit program to read the HTML file and ImageMagick to convert that file to a variety of other supported graphical formats. These programs can be stand-alone, but they have been linked through the Tcl/Tk GUI menu. Conversion to GIF is the default. Proper installation of all the previously mentioned 3rd party software is critical in the correct operation of the conversion process. This software is included with the HYSPLIT trial version but not with the registered installation executable. Links to these programs are also available through the HYSPLIT utilities web page.

If non-default directory wwas selected during the installation of ImageMagick, it may be necessary to manually edit the directory location. The directory pointer can be changed from the "Advanced-Configuration-Directories" menu tab, which modifies the file default_exec. In the rare situation when this file cannot be edited or does not exist because the GUI did not load because of problems with Tcl/Tk, then the appropriate lines in the upper-level Tcl/Tk file ..\guicode\hysplit.tcl need to be changed. For instance, the line that might require editing would be similar to the following:

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