10.2 County Map Boundaries




In the next few sections some alternative display methods will be reviewed. Configure the simulation the same way as in the case studies where the results were compared with aircraft measurements. Retrieve conc_case_control.txt into the Setup Run menu and conc_case_setup.txt into the Concentration Configuration menu. The simulation should be set for a 11 hour run duration, a sampling start day/hour of 83 09 26 03 00 to generate one output time period with a concentration grid resolution of 0.05 degrees. Save the changes and rerun the model.

  1. The default mapping provides a relatively coarse resolution map with just U.S. and international boundaries. The default map can be replaced by maps defined as simple line or polygon shapefiles. Sample public domain maps are provided in the maps directory. To enable this feature, copy the file shapefiles.txt to the hysplit/working directory. This file contains three lines, each one defining a different shapefile that will be added to the display background. The five entries following the file name define the line spacing, line thickness, and RGB color fractions. Any number of shapefiles may be plotted at the same time in the order defined by each record of shapefiles.txt. The file must exist in the working directory.

  2. File#/in  inRGB
    '/Tutorial/maps/roads.shp' 0 0.005 0.8 0.7 0.5
    '/Tutorial/maps/county.shp' 0 0.010 0.4 0.6 0.8
    '/Tutorial/maps/states.shp' 0 0.015 0.2 0.2 0.5

    The directory location for the files may need to be modified (e.g. UNIX: ~/Tutorial/...).

  3. Open the concentration contour display menu and replace the map background file name with shapefiles.txt and add the DATEM aircraft measurements file data_case.txt. Then execute the display and more complex map background will be shown with state and county boundaries as well as major roads.

The method illustrated here to replace the standard map background with shapefiles applies to most of the graphical display programs. Note that not just map backgrounds can be displayed, but any line or polygon shapefile. A subsequent section will discuss the creation of a shapefile from the concentration contours. Do not delete the model simulation results, they will be used in the next few sections.

30 s