10.3 Enhanced Graphic Labels




If you are not continuing from the last section, retrieve conc_case_control.txt into the Setup Run menu and conc_case_setup.txt into the Concentration Configuration menu. The simulation should be set for a 11 hour run duration, a sampling start day/hour of 83 09 26 03 00 to generate one output time period with a concentration grid resolution of 0.05 degrees. Save the changes and rerun the model.

  1. In one of the previous sections we had already defined a file that changed the border labels on the concentration plot. In this section we will add an additional text box at the bottom of the display. Start by pressing the Advanced / File Edit / Panel Labels menu tab to open the text entry data menu. This menu creates the file MAPTEXT.CFG in the working directory. The text prompts on each line are just initial suggestions and can be replaced by any text. Save the changes to exit.

  2. Open the concentration contour display menu and create the plume graphic. The new text is automatically added to the bottom of the display. This text box will appear for all subsequent graphics until the MAPTEXT.CFG file is manually deleted from the \working directory or the Reset button is pressed in the text entry data menu.

There are two enhanced labeling options, the borders label menu creates a file called LABELS.CFG, which is used to modify the title line and concentration units label. The other option, the panel labels creates the MAPTEXT.CFG file, which provides user supplied supplemental information in a text box below the main graphic. Do not delete the model simulation results, they will be used in the next few sections.

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