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Savanah River Plant Tracer EXperiment (SRPTEX) Information

Savanah River Plant Tracer EXperiment (SRPTEX) was a series of twice daily (Oct. to mid Nov 1976, Feb., Apr., & Jul. 1977),and weekly (Aug. 1975 through Aug. 1977) releases of Kr85 from the Savanah River Plant, SC (33.28N 081.66W).

Thirteen sampling sites were arrayed around the plant from 57 to 144 km.

Telegadas, K., G.J. Ferber, and R.R. Draxler, 1980: Measured Weekly Twice-daily Kripton-85 Surface Air Concentrations Within 150 Km of the Savanah River Plant (March 1975 through September 1977) - Final Report, NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL ARL-80, 80, 97pp.

Modified: December 4, 2019
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