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This webapp is Copyright© 2014 by Tom Whittaker
Further information on the animation software HAniS:


  • Zoom: After the 'zoom' button is clicked, click the left mouse button on the image and it will be zoomed one factor (x2, x3, x4...) at the cursor location. After the first zoom, the button will be relabelled "un-zoom". 'Roam' the image around by dragging the mouse. More left-clicks will zoom in farther; right-clicks will zoom out one step per click. If the "un-zoom" button is clicked, the image will be restored to the original.

  • Show: To show a single frame (image) by itself in the browser. The intended purpose is to allow the user to save and/or print the image. If used, this control is only active when the looping is stopped. The image will be displayed in a separate window.

  • Toggle: A series of little colored boxed are displayed at the top of the page. As each frame is looped through, the box corresponding to the image will change color. Clicking the left mouse button on a colored box will disable it (clicking again will re-enable it). Clicking the right mouse button on a box will cause the program to show that frame.

  • Set Frame #: Provides a slider for manually setting the frame being shown by simply sliding the slider.