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NOUS42 KWNO 271343 ADMSDM SENIOR DUTY METEOROLOGIST NWS ADMINISTRATIVE MESSAGE NWS NCEP CENTRAL OPERATIONS COLLEGE PARK MD 1338Z TUE SEP 27 2022 12Z NCEP Model Production is running on time.. 12Z NAM RAOB RECAP... 72202/MFL - Missed the for the GFS 72501/OKX - Missed the for the GFS 70026/BRW - 10142 72327/OHX - 10159 72469/DNR - 10159 76595/CUN - 10142 76654/MZL - Missing TTAA/BB 71945/YYE - Purged 364mb temp...too cold CRITICAL WEATHER DAY STATUS... Current CWD for Hcn Ian is scheduled to end 10/01/12Z Shirey/SDM/NCO/NCEP