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NOUS42 KWNO 191426 ADMSDM SENIOR DUTY METEOROLOGIST NWS ADMINISTRATIVE MESSAGE NWS NCEP CENTRAL OPERATIONS COLLEGE PARK MD 1425Z TUE JAN 19 2021 12Z NCEP Production started and is on schedule. 12Z NAM RAOB RECAP... 71082/YLT - Short to 958mb for NAM; Full report for the GFS. 76743/VHA - 10142; Ground equip problem. 91348/PNI - Short to 447mb; 10159; not available. 70414/SYA - 10159; Not available. 91165/LIH - Purge temps/humidity 740 to 640mb and 151 to 150mb.. Wet bulb effect. 72251/CRP - Purge temps/humidity 803 to 792mb..Wet bulb effect. 71909/YFB - Short to 661mb. 70133/OTZ - Not available for the NAM. 72518/ALY - Not in for the NAM; Coms issue.. In for the GFS. CRITICAL WEATHER DAY STATUS... Critical Weather day will begin today at 18Z and end 1/21/2021 06Z due to the Inauguration. Shruell/SDM/NCO/NCEP