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MEtropolitan Tracer EXperiment (METREX) Information

MEtropolitan Tracer EXperiment (METREX) was a series of 6-hour releases, every 36 hours, of 2 perfluorocarbons just outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area from Rockville, MD (39.05N 077.12W) Jan. through May 1984, from Lorton, VA (38.71N 077.26W) Jun. through Dec. 1984, and from Mt. Vernon, VA (38.72N 077.08W) Jan. through Dec. 1984.

3 sequential sampling sites taking twice-daily samples were arrayed diagonally across the metropolitan Washington, DC area from southwest to northeast. 94 passive sampling sites taking monthly samples were evenly scattered within about a 50 km radius from central DC.

Draxler, Roland R., 1985: Metropolitan Tracer Experiment (METREX). NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL ARL-140, 85, 102pp.

Modified: October 7, 2020
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