Advanced / File Edit / Border Labels

Many of the HYSPLIT plotting programs have label information that can be customized to some extent. This is accomplished by placing a file called LABELS.CFG in the working directory which should contain one or more of the following valid entries (all in single quotes terminated by &). Replace the second text string with the new desired text. Not all label strings are valid with every plotting program. This file can be created and edited through the menu system. Quotes and string terminators are not required in the edit menu.

The time zone variable can be used to force a specific time zone for the air concentration contour plot. All calculations are performed in UTC, but prior to plotting, all times are converted by the time zone adjustment. The field should always be six characters in length. The first three represent the time zone label, such as UTC, the next character is the sign field (+ to the east or - to the west), and last two digits are the hours difference of the time zone from UTC.

Altitude units (ALTTD) may be set to feet for concentration output plots.

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