Concentration / Utilities / Binary File Extract

Calls the utility program concrop to extract a sub-grid from a HYSPLIT binary concentration data file. The new subgrid is written to the file conxtrct.bin. The utility program can be used to remove the whitespace by resizing the grid about the non-zero concentration domain or by specifying a sub-grid. Using the -x option will force the extract of the users domain regardless of white space.

USAGE: concrop -[options (default)]
-b[latmin:lonmin:latmax:lonmax (all zeroes will produce full grid extract]
-d[process id (txt)]
-f[FCSTHR.TXT: (0)=none 1=output]
-i[Input file name: (cdump)]
-g[Output plume grid limits rather than cropped file: (0)=no; 1=center-radius -1=from{-b}]
-o[Output file name: (ccrop)]
-p[time extract MMDDHH:MMDDHH]
-x[override white space: (0)=no (default) 1=yes]

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