Concentration / Utilities / Convert to ASCII

The Convert to ASCII menu option uses the con2asc program to convert the binary concentration file to a simple ASCII file composed of one record per grid point for all grid points where concentrations at any level are non-zero. Concentrations for multiple levels and pollutant species are all listed on the same record for each grid point. The primary purpose of the conversion is to create a file that can be imported into other applications. An illustration of the GUI menu is shown below for the sample concentration simulation.

The Concentration Setup menu determines the file name selection option on the GUI. There are some additional checkboxes that correspond to various command line conversion options: con2asc -[options (default)]

-c[Convert entire file flag]

-d[Delimit output by comma flag (rather than space delimited)]

-i[Input file name (cdump)]

-m[Minimum text output format flag]

-o[Output file name base (Input File Name)]

-s[Single output file flag]

-t[Time expanded (minutes) file name flag]

-u[Units conversion multiplier for concentration (1.0)]
-U[Units conversion multiplier for deposition (1.0)]

-x[Extended precision flag]

-z[Zero points output flag]

Each output record is identified by the day (Julian: 1 to 365) and hour (UTC) of the ending time of each sample. The ASCII conversion of the first file generated by the sample calculation is shown below in the illustration.

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