Meteorology / ARL Data FTP / Archive

The ARL web server contains several meteorological model data sets already converted into a HYSPLIT compatible format on the public directories. Direct access via FTP to these data files is "hardwired" into the GUI. Only an email address is required for the password to access the server. The "FTP menu" is locked until the FTP process is completed, at which point a message box will appear indicating the file name that was just transferred.

The ARL analysis data archive consists of output from the Global Data Analysis System (GDAS/GFS) and the North AMerican (EDAS/NAM) Data Analysis System. Data archives are available at various temporal and spatial resolutions. See notes below for a more detailed discussion of each file.

Depending upon how the data is archived, from the GUI it is necessary to enter at least the year and month. For other data sets the day and hour (HRRR only) may be required. The file names are created automatically.

Global NOAA-NCEP/NCAR pressure level reanalysis data archives were reprocessed into the HYSPLIT compatible format and are available on ARL's web site from 1948. More information about the reanalysis project and data can be found at the CDC web site.

A comparable data set is also available from ECMWF's 40 year reanalysis project. The GRIB files must be downloaded independently from the GUI through a web browser. Although cost free, registration with ECMWF is required. The downloaded ECMWF GRIB data files may be converted through the GUI to the ARL format.

Additional information about the data archives on the ARL server can be found at the ARL web page.

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