Trajectory output file format (ASCII)

NOTE: Changes made to the endpoints file format on July 15, 2005 are reflected in bold red.

Record #1
I6 - Number of meteorological grids used in calculation
I6 - A missing variable here indicates old format specification

Loop Records #2 == > number of grids
A8 - Meteorological Model identification
5I6 - Data file starting Year, Month, Day, Hour, Forecast Hour

Record #3
I6 - number of different trajectories in file
1X A8 - direction of trajectory calculation (FORWARD/BACKWARD)
1X A8 - vertical motion calculation method (OMEGA,THETA,...)

Loop Record #4 ==> number of different trajectories in file
4I6 - starting year, month, day, hour
2F9.3 - starting latitude, longitude
F8.1 - starting level above ground (meters)

Record #5
I6 - number of diagnostic output variables
n1XA8 - label identification of each variable (PRESSURE,THETA,...)

Loop Record #6 ==> through end of all endpoints
I6 - trajectory number
I6 - meteorological grid number
5I6 - time of point: year month day hour minute
I6 - forecast hour at point
F8.1 - age of the trajectory in hours
2F9.3 - position latitude and longitude
F8.1 - position height in meters above ground
n1XF8.1 - n diagnostic output variables (1st output is always pressure)