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Type of Trajectory(ies)

Number of Trajectory Starting Locations    1 2 3 Note: By choosing just one source location, more options for selecting the location will be presented on the next page, such as choosing by latitude/longitude, by WMO ID, or by plant location. Multiple source locations limit the input to just latitude/longitude positions. This option is ignored for trajectory ensemble and frequency.
Type of Trajectory    Normal Matrix Ensemble Frequency


Trajectory Matrix

The trajectory matrix option will run a grid of trajectories bounded by the first 2 source locations (trajectory 1 is the lower left grid point and trajectory 2 is the upper right grid point) and evenly spaced with a grid increment given by the distance between the lower left grid point (trajectory 2) and trajectory 3. Only one height is allowed.

Trajectory Ensemble

The trajectory ensemble option will start multiple trajectories from the first selected starting location. Each member of the trajectory ensemble is calculated by offsetting the meteorological data by a fixed grid factor (one grid meteorological grid point in the horizontal and 0.01 sigma units in the vertical). This results in 27 members for all-possible offsets in X,Y, and Z. Note: the starting height should be greater than 250 m for optimal configuration of the ensemble.

Trajectory Frequency

The trajectory frequency option will start a trajectory from a single location and height every 6 hours and then sum the frequency that the trajectory passed over a grid cell and then normalize by either the total number of trajectories or endpoints. A trajectory may intersect a grid cell once or multiple times (with residence time options 1, 2 or 3).