CAPTEX Animation with Measurements

Load captex_control.txt and captex_setup.txt
Change sample start time to 2100 and duration to 6 hours

Create Postscript output file

Convert Postscript file to GIF animation

CAPTEX Animation using Google Earth

Rerun Contouring with KML/KMZ Option

Sequence Frames in GE and Save Each Image
frame01.png, frame02.png, ...

Use Image Magick Convert Command
convert -loop 100 -delay 50 +repage -dispose Background frame??.jpg animation.gif

Trajectory Frequency using Center-of-Mass Particles

Create a script to edit by appending two scripts

Move the namelist section to the day-hour loop and edit

Move control file section after the meteorology and edit

Replace the trajectory with the concentration executable

Delete the remaining lines from second script and run