Exercise #15




  • Problem #1 - In the previous dose calculation, we used a 5 km resolution concentration grid. Would the dose still be under-estimated if we used a finer concentration grid?

  • Hint - Edit and run the cust_dose batch file to use a 1 km by 250 m grid resolution.

  • Solution - 5 km air dose versus 1 km air dose
    and 5 km deposition dose versus 1 km deposition dose.

  • Problem #2 - There is some uncertainty regarding particle sizes for this event and a fraction of the radionuclides may have been emitted on much larger particles. Using the same configuration as in problem #1, recompute the doses using a deposition velocity of 1 cm/s rather than 0.1 cm/s.

  • Hint - Edit the script cust_dose and rerun the calculation.

  • Solution - Although the air dose is unchanged, the maximum deposition dose has more than almost doubled.