Exercise #8




  • Problem #1 - The concentration utility tutorial showed the concentration time series at Little Valley, NY (S510) for a relatively coarse concentration grid of 0.25 degrees. Would the results be similar if a finer grid resolution was used - perhaps 0.05 degrees?

  • Hint - Retrieve captex_control.txt and captex_setup.txt and reconfigure. Remember to change the output file names so the previous simulation can be used for comparison.

  • Solution - How does the fine grid time series compare with the coarse grid calculation? How do the coarse grid statistical results compare with the new fine grid simulation?

  • Problem #2 - Continuing with problem #1, recompute the fine-grid concentrations using the 9 km WRF meteorological data.

  • Hint - Follow the alternate approach by editing and running batch files: conc_cexp.bat, conc_util.bat, and conc_stat.bat

  • Solution - In this example, the finer grid concentration and meteorology calculation shows a much better fit with the measurements at Little Valley. There is also an improvement in the statistical results compared with either of the previous calculations.