Exercise #15

The Top Ten Radionuclides

  • Import the activity.txt file into Excel
  • Calculate the product of the emission rate and dose conversion factors

Effect of Fine Resolution Grid on Dose

Edit and run cust_dose.bat
  • set horizontal grid resolution to 0.01
  • set vertical grid resolution to 250

Dose summary

5 km resolution

1 km resolution

The finer grid results show a factor of 5 to 10 increase in dose (both air and ground) close to the source. More distant doses are about the same. Note the square region of no deposition dose resulting from the half-degree resolution of the meteorological model's precipitation field.

Increase Deposition Velocity 0.1 to 1.0 cm/s

0.1 cm/s

1.0 cm/s

Increased deposition has the greatest impact near the source because the bulk of the radioactive material has not spread out horizontally and is close to the ground.