Exercise #14

Dust Storm with Gravitational Settling

  • Start with the previous dust simulation
  • set the deposition menu for a density of 4.0 g/cc
  • diameter of 2.5 μm
  • shape factor of 1.0

Open the convert to DATEM menu to analyze the results

Compare mean model scatter diagrams

No Deposition

With Deposition

Although the quantitative level of the under-prediction has slightly increased, the correlation has improved with the added deposition, and more points seem to be closer to the one to one line, presumably due to the settling of more particles into the surface layer.

Graphic with Sampling Data and County Boundaries

Optimize map

Saharan Dust Storm 21 June 2020

Gobi Dust Storm 15 March 2021

Download the Meteorological Data
(not provided in the dust directory)

Configure CONTROL file

  • See xamp14_control.txt (xamp14_control.txt)
  • Start location lower left upper right resolution 1-degree
  • End simulation after 156 hr at 21 June 1200 UTC
  • Global concentration grid with snapshot output through 5 km AGL

Configure SETUP.CFG file

  • See xamp14_setup.txt
  • Fix time step at 30 min for faster results
  • Enable the dust storm module (ichem=3)
  • Release enough particles for all the potential sources

Model Results

  • Disable source location
  • Convert output units