Turbulent Kinetic Energy


   clear GUI


   load control file


   load setup file

Previous calculation WRF default Kanthar-Clayson

NARR defaults to TKE


   change meteorology

Set NARR to use Kanthar-Clayson

kblt = 2

   namelist Kanthar-Clayson

kbls = 2

   namelist Stability from temperature profile

Set NARR to use TKE with computed anisotropy

kblt = 3

   namelist TKE turbulence

tkerd = 0.0

   namelist compute anisotropy Day

tkern = 0.0

   namelist compute anisotropy Night

Set NARR to use TKE with low anisotropy ratio

tkerd = 0.05

   namelist force anisotropy Day

tkern = 0.05

   namelist force anisotropy Night