Exercise #2




  • Problem #1 - Rerun the air concentration test calculation from Dayton Ohio.

  • Hint - Find the location in the CAPTEX report or try the Concentration / Setup Run / Setup Starting Locations / List menu, and select the desired location from the list.

  • Solution - Plume from Dayton

  • Problem #2 - Rerun the air concentration example from the command line using the input files (CONTROL, ... ) already existing in the working directory from the last calculation (Problem #1).

  • Hint - Open the command prompt window and change directory to the HYSPLIT working directory.

  • Solution - Only three commands are required: running the calculation, creating the graphic, and displaying the graphic. To match the original graphic, you may need to fix the contours by using the c1 option (concplot -icdump -c1).

  • Problem #3 - Combine the GUI (#1) and command line (#2) problems by using the GUI to change the start location again, this time to Washington D.C., but then using the command line to run HYSPLIT and display the results.

  • Hint - Which file in the working directory is changed by the GUI after changing the start location and pressing the Save button to close the concentration setup menu?

  • Solution - After copying the correct file to CONTROL, run the calculation and display to create the new image.