Exercise #1




  • Problem #1 - In many of the subsequent sections, various files will be created and processed. For example, where would you find more information about the format of the trajectory endpoints output file?

  • Hint - Open your browser to the help file in hysplit/html/index.htm and find the section on file formats.

  • Solution - Help file pages

  • Problem #2 - Find the equations used to compute trajectories in the main HYSPLIT reference document.

  • Hint - Go to the document document directory and open ARL-224.

  • Solution - The equations are found in the advection section (page 6) will be discussed in more detail later in the trajectory section.

  • Problem #3 - The testing directory contains the graphical Results(_v???.pdf) for several of the more recent HYSPLIT versions. Did the most recent version change the results for simulation 051, which is the one for CAPTEX release #2 using TKE for turbulence? The turbulence options will be discussed in more detail in later sections of the Tutorial.

  • Hint - Open the PDF documents for the two HYSPLIT versions you want to compare side-by-side and scroll down to near the end of the document where you will find simulation 051. Most of the simulations show the number on the title line of the graphic. Simulation details can be determined by examining the xrun script.

  • Solution - For example, comparing the version 951 (left) and 5.0.0 (right) concentration time series (red lines) at sampler 608 shows that the newer version predicts slightly higher concentrations than the previous version, but both versions still under-predict concentration (black line).