6.6 Working Directory Cleanup




With all the simulations completed up to this point, the working directory may have become very cluttered, perhaps making it difficult to find specific files. If you have not already been managing your data files, then there is already a simple procedure built into the GUI to help with this process.

  1. Make sure to close all programs that may be open to files in the working directory. The GUI may also have open files depending upon your previous activity. Closing and then restarting the GUI should eliminate those problems as well.

  2. Press the Advanced Cleanup Working menu tab, which then opens a system message asking if the working directory can be renamed with a randomly generated suffix, in this case to working.357. If the number is acceptable, then Continue, which will rename the directory and close the GUI.

  3. Now re-open the GUI from the desktop icon and a new working directory will be created with the minimum number of required files and the install directory ~\hysplit will contain the new directory and all the previous renamed directories. On UNIX/MAC systems, change to the new directory and manually create the softlink (ln -s ../guicode/hysplit.tcl hysplit.tcl) before restarting HYSPLIT.

This process can be used as each tutorial section is completed and the directory renamed from its random assigned value to one more representative of its contents.

Exercise caution in deleting renamed directories because the original working directory may also contain your customized version of the installation directories file: default_exec rather than the default one generated upon first time execution of the GUI.