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HYSPLIT for LINUX - Registered Version

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What is available for downloading

Pre-compiled distributions are available for several flavors of LINUX operating system (see below for requesting these files). However, under limited cercumstances HYSPLIT registered users who would like to request the LINUX source code may be granted access to the HYSPLIT source code SVN repository if a pre-compiled binary is not already available.

LINUX Distributions (Pre-compiled Distributions)

Several LINUX distributions (executables) are available to NOAA users and registered HYSPLIT users at the following link:

If your operating system is not available, other distributions may be freely obtained from Christopher Judd at the New York State Department of Health. To obtain the latest executables, contact Christopher directly via email at

LINUX Source Code (limited)

If you cannot find a distribution for your operating system, a LINUX source code repository is available for non-commercial use only to a limited number of registered users. Users must first register for HYSPLIT access at:

After registering, users can request the LINUX source code by sending an request via email to However, access is at the discretion of the HYSPLIT developers.

After obtaining the SVN repository login username and password (different from your HYSPLIT registration username/password) additional instructions for installing and compiling the model can be found on the HYSPLIT Tutorial at:

If you make modifications and/or add additional capabilities to the code, we expect the code to be shared with the HYSPLIT user community. In that respect, please email with any major changes to the code (along with documentation) and they will be added to the repository. HYSPLIT is a community development effort.

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Modified: September 27, 2022
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